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Reedy River’s Riverplace – Greenville, SC

Home Sweet Home

After many years of visual merchandising and retail management, I landed a career change becoming an International Flight Attendant for the world’s largest global airline. For nearly 8 years I worked based in New York City and traveled the globe, but always stayed closer to my home in Greenville. People would always ask me, “What is your favorite place you’ve ever traveled to?” My answer was always, “home.”

Beautiful Greenville

Seeing is believing when it comes to the beauty within this quaint little city and the familiarity among it; even to the many who visit it each year for the first time. It is a beautiful place that has preserved most of it’s history and flourished with industry over the last 20 years. The 61,000 people in it are kind; a great place to raise children. It has so much to offer to nature lovers in it’s own natural element.  A one mile stretch of it’s downtown Main Street will offer you over 150 restaurants, various performance arts theaters, a professional baseball stadium, and an ever growing arts district, just to name a few. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this fast growing city?

Coffee Street, Greenville, SC

That is why we have been very selective in choosing our coffee shop location in beautiful Greenville. Sure, we can find a building to roast coffee anywhere, but it is more important to us, to find a building within our community where we can make an impact. While most of Greenville has recently undergone revitalization , there are remaining close-by communities that are in need of the same. Health and agriculture is a large scale focus of these communities.

Swamp Rabbit Trail

The “Swamp Rabbit Trail” is definitely the talk of the town. By transitioning our old broken railroad into a 22 mile, bike and walk greenway that connects Travelers Rest with Downtown Greenville and flowing you right alongside the Reedy River. Greenville has shifted into being a hotspot, mapping it’s way onto every top 10 list of places to go, bringing even more great people to this great city.

While community gardens are popping up here and there, there are still many historic communities where development is needed to keep those families in tact and revive the history of what once was.

Online Production & Distribution

SipNStyle | 1801 Rutherford Road | Suites 103 A & B | Greenville | SC

Our Greenville, South Carolina location houses SipNStyle’s administrative offices as well as brand production, packaging and distribution for all three brands. Here, we are able to process our online orders from as well as source our clients in the Upstate South Carolina, Western North Carolina, Eastern North Carolina, and Georgia areas.


With an emphasis on fresh, it is our highest priority to ensure that each package of our coffee is packaged and shipped in the most streamline way possible in order to guarantee our product stays fresh. Together, with the vision of Coffee Roasters of Charleston, we are working to grow the Rainbow Brand and expand into more Sam’s Club locations throughout the southeast

Production Room – Greenville, SC

Tasting Events

Part of expanding into a new market includes marketing. We will be venturing into the community to do tastings at events, business, offices, and anywhere else you can find people drinking coffee. We are new to this area and as we grow, we would like to become an asset to this community. With that being said, if you are having an event for your business and would like to book Rainbow Coffee to provide fresh, craft roasted coffee, we would love to hear from you. We also specialize in proprietary blends, fundraisers, and special events.

Our Next Steps

Sans Souci in French: “Worry Free”

We have our site set on  the community of Sans Souci, which means “no worries” in French. A little over 2 miles from downtown, Velot Valets, a local custom bicycle shop, is making a huge impact on the nearby, Sans Souci community. Their non-profit is gearing up to make a bigger difference in the lives of locals by bringing an initiative on health and well being to this almost forgotten community. Sarah and Carlo Franco not only teach bicycle safety, but they also host a free bike maintenance workshop the first Saturday of each month available to anyone who needs it. One of them is always around to assist in every way possible to bring revitalization, health, safety, and so much more to the community of San Souci.

Location is Everything

We have graciously chosen a location beside Velot Valets so that we can partner with them in much of their efforts to create a safe space for the community while integrating arts and development along the way.  Our side of the building needs lots of work, but the planning stages are underway and we are excited about working with them to create what is to come.

Projected “Coffee Shop” location beside “Velot Valets”

Projected to open in mid/late 2018, SipNStyle is in the development stages to open a coffee roaster paired with a coffee house, serving the best cup of coffee around, roasted on site. We will work with the community to create a safe space where communication of arts meets health.

Floorplan – SipNStyle Coffee Roasters

This coffee shop will be a sort of French Press Cafe, if you will. You and a friend come inside, order a French Press and a canvas. Together, you share a French Press of your favorite roast, while creating a piece of art. We will have themed events such as poetry, music, speakeasy, and much more.

We are interested in any ideas from the community that will help give this project life. If you want to join in the effort, contact SipNStyle to see how you can help.

Branching out

As We Grow

Coffee Roasters of Charleston will first work with SipNStyle LLC to assist in packaging and distribution of our fresh, craft roasted, small batch, specialty coffee. We will continue to roast at our centralized roaster in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Once SipNStyle fits and remodels their projected location in Greenville, SC, they too will be roasting to our precise roasting profiles and will align with our brand to bring Rainbow Coffee to more clubs and cities in the Southeast.

Sam’s Club Logo

In the meantime, SipNStyle will facilitate our web presence and coordinate roadshow tasting events at Sam’s Club locations included in our first expansion rollout.  It’s a great way for members to preview and taste our coffee before it hits their select club’s shelves. After we land in each of those clubs, SipNStyle will mimic our roasting profiles, packaging and assist in distribution to those clubs.

Branching our company is the best way to ensure that our product stays fresh and becomes available to more of you, with an overall goal of making it available to more and more members within Sam’s Club.

Keeping Up

Keeping up with us is a whirlwind. To stay informed, follow our blog on our website and stay tuned to our facebook, twitter, and instagram for updates on our progress and all of the new things happening with all of our brands.

We are looking forward to all that we have set out to accomplish in 2018 and want to personally thank each one of our customers for making it all possible.

Growing our brand is a feat for sure, but in the end our goal is to hear more of you say, “This is the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had!”


Meet Our Team

Troy Styles III
SipNStyle, LLC

Founder/Owner Since 2017

Damian Sisk
SipNStyle, LLC

Owner/Partner Since 2017

Francisco Davila
Coffee Roasters of Charleston, Inc.

Founder/Owner Since 1991

Kevin Jewett
Bootlegger Coffee Co.

Founder/Owner Since 2015