Sans Souci Community Garden

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Fresh is our Motto

Here at Rainbow Coffee, we know a little thing or two about fresh. We happen to have the freshest coffee in town, but that’s not all. We are currently developing plans for our new coffee house in the community of Sans Souci and there is so much to talk about. Shhhh…

The community is in need of many things; many areas are desperate for repair. We hope by adding a little of our “style” to the area, we can implement well needed resources back into the community as well as offer a variety of fresh items aside from our coffee and fresh local pastries. We want to help provide a way for the community to better sustain it’s health while locals learn and become involved in the process. Sustainability is becoming a term we use more and more, but what exactly does it mean to you?

“Sans Souci Community Garden”

Sans Souci Community Garden

Such a quaint, little darling garden. Greenville has many random community gardens, but the Sans Souci Community Garden is a gem for sure.

We actually live in this community and are urged to make a difference here. It starts with home right? It is important to us to find a way to bring initiative on health and sustainability accompanied by an emphasis on fresh, back to the locals. In fact, how cool would it be to get locals involved with their own sustainable plan for their own community? Pretty cool! The Sans Souci Community Garden; many have gathered here for community concerts, events, gardening initiatives, and more. Neal and Rachel oversee the garden and work together with the community and Sans Souci Alliance to put this soil to good use. As the seasons turn, we hope to be spending more of our days with our own kids, working in this garden and we feel like it will be a pathway into the community.

Location of Sans Souci Community Garden

The Sans Souci Community Garden is located in the heart of Sans Souci, beside St. Mark United Methodist Church; who extends this plot of land to the community for the garden. A great place for family to gather, work together, and a way to get to know our neighbors. Sans Souci Community Garden is already a beautiful garden, but imagine it’s potential with more community involvement, action, and inspiration. 

More Hands on Deck

Concert in the Garden

We want to get involved in the garden to see what we can get to grow. It is pretty known by the locals. A place where nature meets nurture, but we need more hands on deck. From community planning, tilling, planting, and harvesting, the Sans Souci Community Garden needs more. Gardening is actually relaxing and productive in so many ways. You don’t have to live in the area of Sans Souci to participate. You just have to care.

So many communities outside of downtown Greenville are being pushed out or forgotten all together. Sans Souci Community Garden is so much more than a garden or a plot of land. It is a community “give back,” a place for families to bond, and much entertainment. Spend a Saturday afternoon, or a Sunday after church with your family, working in the garden. It can become a great stress relief when you disconnect from everything else around you and get in touch with nature. Get to know your neighbors and stay in the know on what’s happening in the community around you. 

The garden serves as a safe place. It is a place the locals can be proud of. What we hope to see is a garden flourishing with fresh, local produce, and a way for locals to sustain themselves not only by growing fresh vegetables to eat, but by preparing them to sale to other locals as well. With the affordability of sustainability going through the roof, we plan to find a way to root these locals in the community, so that they become a greater asset and find a way to stay.

 Join Our Efforts

2017’s Late October Harvest

Join in the fun! Come play in the dirt, listen to live music, or spend an afternoon alone, disconnected from all else. Your efforts will not go unnoticed. This is a group project and you don’t have to commit to a set schedule, although we do have scheduled saturday’s in the garden for all to participate. Just give where you can. Of course, if you can’t give your time, but want to make a donation to the garden, I’m sure Rachel and Neal will put that money to good use in the garden. A garden has much cost, but the return can be tremendous in comparison. You reap what you sow right?

Do what you can, give what you can, and be a part where you can. Make a difference by giving a little. After all, “Sans Souci” in French means, “worry free.” We are so excited to see what the future hold for Sans Souci Community Garden. We hope to see you there for 2018’s harvest. It is truly going to be a special year for Sans Souci and the people in it. Get in touch via Sans Souci Community Garden’s Facebook or message SipNStyle to see how you can be a part of this wonderful community effort. Anyone is welcome, just come with a shovel and leave your worries behind.

Sans Souci Community Garden Events

Stay tuned for more Community Gardening Days, Concerts, and events in the garden.

Join The Effort