Rainbow Coffee

The Rainbow Coffee Story


Our Beginnings

For over 25 years, Coffee Roasters of Charleston has been dedicated to providing “The Best Cup of Coffee You’ve Ever Had. Our company’s founder, Francisco Davila, started his family business when he was a ship chandler providing sailors in the port of Charleston with a delicate coffee that they took with them around the globe.

King Street – Charleston, SC

Later, the business expanded to “Cafe Rainbow,” located on King Street in downtown Charleston, where it became a household name. Francisco eventually sold part of the business, but kept roasting for a select number of customers.

In 2012, his son-in-law, Kevin Jewitt moved to town and took an interest in the family business. Together with his wife Carolina, they are working to carry the business into the next generation.

The Pot of Gold

Rainbow Coffee Brand

Today, Rainbow Coffee has transcended to select Sam’s Club locations throughout the southeast. Our craft roasted specialty coffee is sure to catch your eye, packaged in our premium gold, 2 lbs bags, for a special wholesale price.

We offer many roast profiles, blends, and flavors of choice, from our Sexy Seven-Espresso to our famous Charleston Pecan. We take pride in how smooth our coffee is. Even our darkest roasts are silky smooth, leaving your pallet craving another sip. Our customers just can’t get over how fresh our coffee is. We deliver Rainbow Coffee in the form of whole beans within 24 hours of roasting, packaged in resealable, premium, single valve chambered, gold bags to ensure your coffee stays fresh for even longer.

Emphasis On “Fresh”

Coffee Roasters of Charleston – 15 kilo Roaster

We are dedicated to preserving the fresh, quality taste our sippers have come to know and love. By craft roasting each small batch ourselves, we can stay true to the consistency of each roast profile within our brand.

Yellow Brick Road

In 2017, Troy Styles, a Greenville native, and his mate Damian, formed SipNStyle LLC as a distributor for Coffee Roasters of Charleston. Bringing with him several years of retail, visual merchandising, and customer service experience. He is dedicated to growing our Rainbow Coffee brand and has a deep passion for our company.

As we look at our growth and expansion, we have big plans for 2018. Our company’s eventual vision is to establish micro-roasters every 500 miles throughout the United States.

This of course will take time, but we have began our first expansion in Greenville, SC in conjunction with SipNStyle, LLC. Ensuring our gold standard of fresh, means that we must have complete control of our product and brand along with each roasting profile to ensure our coffees consistency in each micro roaster that produces it. While Coffee Roasters of Charleston will continue roasting, we will also become a centralized distribution hub for our 100% Arabica, Supremo, Colombian Coffee beans for each one of our micro roasters; in addition to providing hands on training, and maintaining consistency in the packaging and distribution of each of our brands.

As we roll out our first expansion of 2018, we are working together with SipNStyle, LLC to bring Rainbow Coffee to more Sam’s Clubs and communities so that you too, can enjoy the same superior taste each morning in your cup. SipNStyle is dedicated to not only growing our brand, but doing it in a way that is consistent with the overall vision of Coffee Roasters of Charleston.

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Meet Our Team

Troy Styles III
SipNStyle, LLC

Founder/Owner Since 2017

Damian Sisk
SipNStyle, LLC

Owner/Partner Since 2017

Francisco Davila
Coffee Roasters of Charleston, Inc.

Founder/Owner Since 1991

Kevin Jewett
Bootlegger Coffee Co.

Founder/Owner Since 2015