Coffee Roasters of Charleston, Inc.

Specializing in craft roasted, 100% Arabica, Supremo, Colombian coffee. Committed to fresh, quality, taste, and dedicated to providing a premium coffee product. A member of the Specialty Coffee Roasters Association since 1991.

“Our goal is to hear you say, “This is the Best Cup of Coffee I’ve Ever Had!”

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Rainbow Coffee

Rainbow Coffee was founded by Francisco Davila and Coffee Roasters of Charleston in 1991. It is sold at select Sam’s Club locations throughout the southeast and also available here in our online store.

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Coffee Roasters of Charleston

Francisco Davila Signature Coffee

Founded by Francisco Davila in 1991, Coffee Roasters of Charleston has been a household name for over 25 years.  A member of the Specialty Coffee Rosters Association of America.

100% Arabica, Supremo, Craft Roasted, Colombian Coffee, SC Certified, Guaranteed Fresh

Coffee Roasters of Charleston Presents

Bootlegger Coffee Co.

Founded by Kevin & Carolina Jewett in 2015. Our 1926 Model-T Ford has been exquisitely refurbished into a mobile brewhouse tailored for any special event. Specializing in serving fresh, craft roasted, specialty coffee drinks; a modern espresso bar with a 1920’s vibe with Nitro Cold Brew on tap.  Book Bootlegger Coffee Co. today and make your event the talk of the town.

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~Coffee Roasters of Charleston, Ltd.~

Our Brands


“Charleston’s Original Small Batch Roaster”

A Family Company

     Coffee Roasters of Charleston Ltd., is a family owned and operated business. Founded by Francisco Davila over 25 years ago, it remains our parent company and central roaster in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. Coffee Rosters of Charleston has become a household name across the southeast because of the fresh, quality taste it provides to it’s customers. When Francisco founded the brand, he had no idea what it would become. His only goal as a ship chandler in the port of Charleston, was to provide sailors with a delicately roasted coffee that they could take with them around the globe.

     Francisco eventually sold part of the business, but remained roasting for a select few customers. Today, Coffee Roasters of Charleston Ltd., roasts coffee for three divisions of our brand. It also oversees distribution operations for SipNStyle LLC in Greenville, SC and maintains brand consistency across all channels.

     Coffee Roasters of Charleston’s coffee is currently distributed to many restaurants, coffee houses, and boutiques across the southeast as well as it’s Rainbow Coffee brand which can be found at select Sam’s Clubs.

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Our Featured Products


Craft Roasted Coffee

Early Bird


Craft Roasted Coffee

Sexy Seven-Espresso


Craft Roasted Coffee

Colombian Supremo-Full City Roast


Craft Roasted Coffee

Charleston Pecan


~Francisco Davila's Signature Coffee~

Made from 100% Arabica, Supremo, Colombian coffee, Francisco Davila Signature Coffee is sure to stand apart from other brands. For over 25 years, Francisco has perfected each profile for even the finest tuned coffee enthusiast. Distributed to local restaurants, specialty coffee shops, and boutiques, Francisco’s customers know the fresh, quality taste they can expect when ordering this premium coffee. Packaged in premium, quality, resealable bags, and delivered within 24 hours of roasting, Francisco Davila Signature Coffee is as fresh as it gets.

We take a lot of pride in how smooth our coffee is. Even our darkest roasts are clean, and full of flavor, leaving your pallet craving another sip. A member of the Specialty Coffee Roasters Association since 1991, and SC Certified, you will be not be disappointed with any blend of this specialty coffee. We ship anywhere, anytime, so feel free to order from our online store to place your selection into our roasting queue. Slow roasting each small batch to order, is what we do. We also offer Coffee Club Subscriptions in this brand. No more starting your day without coffee, EVER! Sign up for our Coffee Club Subscription and receive your craft roasted, specialty coffee, fresh to your front door each month, hassle free.

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~Rainbow Coffee🌈☕~

Rainbow Coffee Brand Logo

Our Rainbow Brand is quickly becoming our most familiar brand.

Rainbow Coffee Display – Sam’s Club

Sold at select Sam’s Club locations throughout the southeast, Rainbow Coffee t is sure to catch your eye.

Packaged in resealable, premium, gold, single valve chambered, 32oz (2 lbs) bags and sold at a special, wholesale price. Rainbow Coffee is sure to fulfill all of your deepest coffee desires.

Our customers just can’t get over how smooth our coffee is. Our Sexy Seven-Espresso and Charleston Pecan are our best selling roasts in this brand. Rainbow Coffee is sold in the form of whole beans, but a grinder can be found in most of our display cases for you to conveniently and easily grind your selection when you purchase it.

We offer Rainbow Coffee in many roast profiles, blend, and flavors. Our brands are also available online in our store. We highly recommend Rainbow Coffee; wether you enjoy a light Morning Blend, or a Colombian Supremo-Full City Roast. Our roasts are perfect for  blending; Early Bird is our top signature blend and is also a trending seller in Sam’s Club. Try Rainbow Coffee today and let us know what you think.

Fresh | Estate Grown | Hand Selected |100% Arabica

Small Batch | Craft Roasted | Specialty Coffee

Local | SC Certified

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| Bootlegger Coffee Co. |

Borne out of event business, Bootlegger Coffee Co. made her debut in 2015. Bootlegger’s 1926 Model-T Ford has exquisitely refurbished into a mobile brew house, tailored for even the most classic, black tie affair. Nitro Cold Brew on tap and an array of hand crafted, specialty coffee drinks paired with a 1920’s vibe.

Bootlegger Coffee Co. is perfect for any event. It takes one hour to set up, with a 5+ hour minimum. Make your event the talk of the town and let Bootlegger Coffee Co. handle all of your brewing needs. This state of the art espresso bar on wheels is sure to stand out. Fitted with a double lever pull espresso machine, cold brew tap, and wine and desert bar; capable of providing it’s own electricity and water, Bootlegger can set up nearly anywhere with a flat surface.

Contact Kevin or Carolina to book your next event with Bootlegger Coffee Co. Go ahead and send us your event details and let us do the planning.

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Meet Our Team

Troy Styles III
SipNStyle, LLC

Founder/Owner Since 2017

Damian Sisk
SipNStyle, LLC

Owner/Partner Since 2017

Francisco Davila
Coffee Roasters of Charleston, Inc.

Founder/Owner Since 1991

Kevin Jewett
Bootlegger Coffee Co.

Founder/Owner Since 2015