The Next Generation

Founded in 2015 by Kevin & Carolina Davila Jewett, the second generation of the Davila Family brings you Bootlegger Coffee Co. Tailor Roasted Specialty Coffee couldn’t be more classic than when Bootlegger Coffee Co. serves it

Hand Crafted Specialty Coffee drinks with a 1920’s vibe. Kevin with his business experience and dedication and Carolina with her attention to detail and art, have transcended this powerhouse business into the next generation. Being a busy Mom and Dad doesn’t slow them down.

Kevin and Carolina are working on even more innovation to incorporate the modern world into the long time family business. Through Bootlegger Coffee Co. they hope to accomplish just that, but with a classic feel. Be sure to stay tuned to Bootlegger Coffee Co.’s website for more information.


Bootlegger Coffee Co.


Talk of the Town

        Perfect for corporate events, private ceremonies, weddings, concerts, or any classic black tie affair, Bootlegger Coffee Co. is ready to help your next event stand out. Bootlegger Coffee Co. has paired with Rudi’s Old Village Wine Shop to bring you a wide variety of accompaniments; from fresh croissants to a variety of European cheeses, and charcuterie boards.

       Bootlegger Coffee Co. has an interesting modern, classic eclectic menu available for even the hoitiest coffee enthusiast. Whether you are in the mood for something hot or something cold, something dark or something citrus, a fresh latte or a classic Americano; Bootlegger Coffee Co. has you covered.

Fitted with a  pressure controlled, manual, double, pull-lever Espresso machine, Nitro Cold Brew on tap, and pour over brewers for plain joe, Bootlegger Coffee Co. has the complete set up.

As long as you have a flat surface, we can set up and be ready to pour in one hour or less. Self sufficient, even without a source of power, making us totally versatile and able to suit any event space, anytime.

Kevin & Carolina Davila Jewett


     Visit Bootlegger Coffee Co. for more information on making your next event a hit!

You can also contact Kevin or  contact Carolina directly for a quote.

We do reserve a 5+ hour minimum for most events, but send us your details and let us do the rest.

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Meet Our Team

Troy Styles III
SipNStyle, LLC

Founder/Owner Since 2017

Damian Sisk
SipNStyle, LLC

Owner/Partner Since 2017

Francisco Davila
Coffee Roasters of Charleston, Inc.

Founder/Owner Since 1991

Kevin Jewett
Bootlegger Coffee Co.

Founder/Owner Since 2015